Ways to Make Your Website Slick

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Moving Forward

“They had a really slick website…”

To overcome the Perception Hurdle, you need to show prospects you’re investing in the business. A website with the latest innovations, proves you’re moving forward. The opposite is equally true.

Slick Innovations



Save space by displaying related content in same place.

  • Hides low priority info.
  • Reduces scrolling. Moves elements up the page.
Tab 1 displayed by default
Tab 2 content shows area expands based on content length of the content.

  • Hide ‘secondary’ content only
  • Ensure tabs clearly signpost content



Binary switches, eg open or closed, on or off.

  • Accordions toggles save space: hides content when unselected.
  • Great for FAQs or complex side navs.

This is an accordion toggle. A button, that switches from either displaying or hiding additional content.

Live Chat


Customer support channel with proven track record in increasing sales.

  • Avoids switchboard purgatory.
  • Instant reply unlike forms or email.
  • Only works if staffed(not AI robots!).

Sticky Headers

Navigation fixes to top, whilst page scrolls.

  • Navigation bar signposts always displayed.
  • Encourages page flow.
  • Whilst scrolling, can also reduce nav. bar height, to maximize content display.

Masonry Grids


jQuery calcs scale content, to fill an area(aka ‘card layouts’).

  • Popularised by Pinterest
  • Tessellates content in varying dimensions.
  • Text mis-aligns. So just for image led content.

CSS3 Animation


Bandwidth-light animation to enhance User Experience.

  • On hover, scroll or page load, elements zoom, bounce or slide in.
  • Must be fast and subtle to avoid annoyance!

Parallax Scrolling


Borrowed from animation (e.g. home page header).

  • Content moves slower than foreground, to give illusion of depth.
  • Novelty. Use sparingly. Can slow page loads.

Flat UI

Adding clarity by removing excessive ornamentation.

  • Style response to rise in small screen devices.
  • No unnecessary garnish: drop shadows, ribbons…
  • No shiny/ faux textures.

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