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Changes to Google rankings

Google rankings mobile-friendlyIn a few weeks, your website may be listed higher, or lower, when visitors search for you on a phone.

Google’s 50,000+ staff continually improve and change the algorithms calculating where websites rank in search queries. This ensures the most authoritative and relevant sites are listed first.

From 21st April 2015, if your site is designed with a ‘mobile-friendly’ view, Google will increase your rankings, when searching via Google on your mobile.

Interestingly, the developing world largely bypassed desktop browsing and went straight to mobile. In the developed world the shift has been slower. Whilst percentage splits from desktop to mobile varies, this marks a major tipping point. Currently, on average smartphone viewing will represent 25% of all visits. However it varies and for some sites it can be 40% or more.

Take Google’s test

Google’s new test takes into account how a website looks on a phone. Google checks if text looks too small to read and requires ‘pinch and zoom’. Images too large? Links too close together to use? Then Google will return a result of “Not mobile-friendly”.

As with this site, the aim is for Google to declare “Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly”. To get those extra Google rankings (no-one know how much it well help), get your developer to write the additional code(called media queries).

And now, Here’s the twist

Ask a developer about ‘mobile simulators’ and they will tell you how unreliable they are. Unfortunately the same issues exist here. On occasion, Google may think a site is not mobile-friendly, when it is. Your site may look great on your iPhone or Samsung. However, check what Google thinks by testing your mobile site now.

To get those extra Google rankings, you may need to get your developer to make changes to the code.

Is your website being unfriendly to mobiles?

Not considered optimizing your website for phones? Been putting it off and now realize your site needs a complete rebuild? Then now is a good time to get it done!

Many mobile sites cram the entire content into a confusing series of navigation menus. At Ambrose Designs the mobile view is handcrafted, so content is distilled down to the key information that visitors on-the-go want.

This means having a clear and minimal menu. This may include a tap-to-call icon, tap-to-locate icon, tap-to-view latest news, events or projects. To make life easier, adding content to the desktop view instantly updates to display well on the mobile view.

So why not get in touch for more information.