Moving Forward

“They had a really slick website…”

Overcome the ‘Perception Hurdle’ about your business. A website with the latest innovations indicates you’re moving forward. The opposite is equally true

Getting Innovative

Reveals additional content when selected.

  • Revealing answers, in a FAQ section
  • Revealing secondary information, in a longer article

Compressing Content

Reducing Scroll Fatigue
Fewer pages, with more content, improves navigation. However, content’s harder to find on long pages. Tabs display multiple content in the same place. Toggles hide content until selected.

Beyond Flat UI

Return of the Drop Shadow
Drop shadows disappeared to de-clutter mobile sites. However, ‘digital affordance’ issues (i.e. Is it a link?) meant alongside pill shape buttons, new subtler drop shadows are back.

Live Chat

Instant Messaging via your Website
Instant answers to quick fire questions (eg technical sales & support, insurance, product support). Must be manned during working hours. Sidesteps ‘switchboard purgatory’.

Colour Tints on Photos

Making Type Stand Out
Eye tracking research shows visitors hone in on faces, especially those of babies, more than anything else. If overlaying type, adding a tint, helps increase reading rates.

Sticky Headers

Keeping Navigation Visible
When scrolling, navigation height reduces and is fixed at the top of the screen. These keeps menus displayed and maximises content view. Increases page flows, especially on laptops.


Don’t Do This

CSS3 Animations

Adding Dynamism to a Page
Light animation enhances user experience, as long as it’s rapid and on page load only. Avoid irritating pulsating graphics. They also carry seizure risks. See WCAG’s official guidelines >

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