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Garden Designers

Website Style
Backgrounds and layouts shouldn’t distract from the content. Keep it minimalist, so images have enough space to ‘breathe’.

Garden Designers Portfolios

Primarily, visitors want to see what you can do for them. So when it comes to an online portfolio avoid ‘image dumps’. Be selective so they get an idea of your style and expertise.

One mistake, often seen when presenting Garden Design projects, is to lead with the ‘before’ image. By starting with the best, or ‘hero image’, this entices visitors to view more. By starting with a dull image, visitors subconsciously make a decision to not look at the subsequent images.

Take photos in good light. Either get skilled at photography or get a professional photographer to take photos for you.

made to measure

Wedding Dress Designers

Website Style
With the product being predominately white, to tie in with this, use predominately white backgrounds. A classic, minimalist look is ideal to present examples of the dresses.

Wedding Dress Portfolios
Professional photography is a must for these bespoke show stoppers.

On of the challenges is aspect ratio. Desktop screens are ‘landscape’ in orientation, whilst phones tend to viewed in ‘portrait’. Therefore, its important to make sure the layout adapts to this.

As with the broader fashion business, wedding dress styles also change, so its important to have a site where its easy for the content to be updated.

Signage and Exhibitions

Website Style
There is room to be a bit more bold with colour for this type of portfolio website.

Signage and Exhibition Portfolio
Its important to include a brief outline of what you do, but predominantly the work speaks for itself.

In this example for AKPM Print Management, clicking on on images allows you to scroll through all the images one by one, to view them in detail.

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