Information Hub Websites


Website Style
Information needs to be especially easy to find, with clear navigation. For leisure sites such as kids and social clubs, over 60% of views is likely to be via a phone.

Calls to Action Buttons
Using ‘active’ words like ‘Book Now’ helps increase responses. Using a specific bright colour for buttons helps them stand out. Keeping contact forms as simple and short as possible reduces abandon rates.

Upcoming Events
Ensure the section heading is unambiguous. Signpost navigation elements clearly.

Financial & Legal Advisors

Website Style
Build respect and trust, by showing you are up to date on the latest changes in rules and regulations. Don’t overload the visitor with information to early.

Ways to Keep your audience Informed
Try sending out a regular newsletter (once very 4-6 weeks). Ambrose Designs can work with you on this and provide analytics reports to help improve engagement levels.

For added credibility, making published articles in Industry magazines downloadable as PDFs.


Website Style
To grab attention and encourage action, clarity of content is crucial. Don’t be afraid to use large type and add more donate or calls to action buttons than you think is necessary.

What You Do
Make it clear very early on in the content what you do and the impact the charity’s work has. It needs to be clear from the home page.

Avoid Distractions
From clicking on a donate button, the next page needs minimal distractions. Make the process of donating as easy and simple as possible.

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