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passwordsRemember all your passwords? We’re in a technological lag, where introduction of biometric recognition systems remains slow.

Meantime, all you need to is follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t have a ‘universal’ password for everything
  • Avoid “easily identifiable personal info” e.g. your football team or your own birthday.
  • Include numbers as well as letters
  • Mix up upper and lower case characters
  • Change heavily used passwords every 6 months
  • Never email or store passwords electronically

So… how can you easily comply with all this!

  1. Swap alpha with numeric
    Start with something obvious: password.
    Swap letters for similar looking numbers and vice versa. so it becomes p@55w0rd.
  2. Next, misuse capitals
    Unlike email addresses, passwords are ‘case-sensitive’. Use capitals in an unconventional but memorable position: P@55w0Rd.
  3. Now ‘salt’ your password
    A cryptography technique: add extra characters in an unconventional position. Eg relatives birthday or your car reg for letters. If your uncle was born in 1935, using YY format and salt the password to P@55w035Rd.
  4. Hold down shift key when you type numerics
    So 35 becomes £%, making your password P@55w0£%Rd.
  5. Make password unique, by matching it to it’s use
    If someone were to gain your password, ensure it doesn’t give access to somewhere more serious, like email. Salt passwords with 3 characters relating to the site. eg for Gmail: P@55GMaw0£%Rd.

More Creative Methods

Name your favourite song or film

Often asked when you lose your password, it can be hard to remember what you put, years earlier. This is because your ‘favourites’ often change !

However, this can work for passwords use on a daily basis, that need changing every 6 months. Imagine you’ve just watched a Clint Eastwood boxed set,

  • “Do you feel lucky, punk” becomes “D0Uf33luckyPunk?”

First letter sentences

Phrases can help you remember car reg numbers.

So reverse this method to come up with an impossible password to crack.

  • The phrase “Hold on tightly, let go lightly” becomes “h0+,lgL”.

Foreign languages

Pick a very simple foreign word. For instance the word left.

  • In Italian it’s “sinistra”, which becomes “51Ni5+rA”