Entice Visitors

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Got Your Attention?

Killer content to increase returning visitors

UK’s most visited websites have one thing in common. Fresh content that interests it’s audience. You may add fresh content regularly, but is it holding your audience’s attention?

Enticing Visitors

Finding Your Target

Developing User Personas
Before writing web content, know who you’re writing for. What’s their main interest? likely technical level etc? Work with us to discuss how to put this into practice.

Finding Your Target

Well Worth a Read

Strategies to Generate Content
Returning, rather than new, visitors are more likely to get in touch. Content of genuine interest to your audience brings them back. We help clients create laser focused content.

Well Worth a Read

Power of the Written Word

Attention Grabbers
To compete for attention, against other online content, a punchy headline and expertly crafted words will make all the difference. Use our copywriter to make your article stand out.

Think Visual

Photographs, Illustrations, Video
Stock images can help hook visitors in (eg image below). Avoid cliché photos. Use images & videos to help understanding. Illustrations add a personal feel.

Steve jobs

Getting Visitors Active

Encouraging Visitor Interaction
Clear phone numbers and good form design is an obvious must. Also measure and nudge those ‘just browsing’ with targeted social media posts and ‘white papers’ by email request.

How Did I Get Here?

Getting Content Read
Visitors may not remember how they ended up at your website. Online, you can measure what type of content, on what platform, is having the most success, to focus your efforts.

How Did I Get Here?

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