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“My web designer never returns my calls”

Not all web designers and developers are like this.

Instant Communication

Whilst phone calls instantly interrupt tasks, it’s still the most efficient way to discuss ideas. If it’s awkward to speak, use the chat window in the bottom right corner. It’s not like the HSBC robot. It’s me replying!

A thought: Imagine if phone calls had been invented this year. Would people appreciative how much faster they are than email?

Call Richard Ambrose directly, on 0203 605 1282.

Initial Plan of Action:

  1. Phone call: Establish if I am right for you.
    I may recommend someone more appropriate.
  2. Meet up: Scope out your requirements
  3. Receive a fixed price proposal: now we’ve decided what you want.

I may even provide coffee. No biscuits. I am on a diet.

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