Let’s Get Started

Let’s Get Started

“My web designer never returns my calls”

Oddly, this phrase isn’t that unusual. However, not all web designers are alike.

Initial Quick Fire Questions

Phone calls are a quick way to exchange ideas and clarify any initial thoughts.

Call directly on 0203 150 3141 or send a quick message.

I personally find phone calls far more efficient and effective communication tool than emails. I tend to use emails mainly to confirm what’s been agreed.

Need a New Site Built?

Plan of Action

1. Phone or Zoom call: Establish if I am right for you.
I may recommend someone more appropriate.
2. Meeting (in person or Zoom): Scope out your requirements
3. Receive a fixed price proposal: based on your what you want.

For a free exploratory introductory discussion.

With Zoom I can screen share and show website examples, to help with ideas as well as cover all the key initial points.

Scheduling a phone call really helps with my productivity and how quickly new sites get built.

I will call you back at the scheduled time and give you my full attention.

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