“The website just… works”

Stick to the ‘Don’t make me think’ principle and you can achieve website clarity. Remove any obstacle, no matter how minor, that encourage visitors to abandon your site early.

Achieving Clarity

Logo & Brand Identity

Making Your Company Distinctive
The first thing visitors do, is look for your logo, to check they’re in the right place. To create a strong brand, our specialist can create a complete company identity refresh.

Maximising Readability

Understanding Typesetting & Colour Theory
Choice of typeface, font size, paragraph lengths, images, whitespace, colour contrast all impact on engagement levels. Even how you align text can be a factor. Read more >

Signposting the Way

Overcoming Content Overload
With 30 trillion+ websites, visitors are discerning about what they read. Signpost articles with a content-related image and an enticing excerpt and headline to hook visitors in.

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Following a Natural Path

Ensuring Visitors Don’t Get Lost!
We follow UX principles. By defining content hierarchy early, this ensures efficient page and user flows. This increases engagement and encourages ‘deeper reading’.

Adapting to the Environment

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
Distracted mobile users dip in and out of sites, whilst static desktop visitors are more open to deep reading. Tabs & toggles compress content to cater for both.

Avoiding Form Fatigue

A Good Form is a Short Form
No-one likes filling in forms, offline or online. For a recruitment client, we had just one field, to upload a cv. The fewer fields the better. For evidence on this, read more >.

Articles about Clarity

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