Make Your Site Crystal Clear

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“The website just… works”

Clarity is achieved when a site becomes intuitive. Even a minor obstacle can make a visitor abandon a site early. Content that’s clear keeps visitors on a site long enough to get your message across.

Clearing the Path to Action

Brand Identity

Visitors use branding to check they’re in the right place.

  • Logo: simple so as clear on a banner as a phone
  • Typeface & colours: current, appropriate
  • Brand consistency

Content Hierarchy

Menu items order by priority, to lengthen user journeys.

  • Links to child pages to encourage ‘deep’ reading
  • Clear calls to action
  • Lead content in prime position on each page

Content Signposting

Make menus clear & relevant.

  • Always visible: static sub-menus(no drop-downs)
  • Click-bait excerpts to increase page flow
  • Ensure find content fast on return journeys


Ensure well-crafted content is easy to read.

  • Font sizes & line heights
  • Words per line
  • Paragraph lengths
  • Text justification use
  • Visuals to text ratio

Colour Contrast

Ensure text & background has sufficient colour contrast.

  • Black on white: use dark grey due to screen glare
  • Short copy for light text
  • Text shadow over images

Digital Affordance


Clarity on what visitors can do

  • Consistent colours for text links
  • Visually clear buttons & calls to action
  • Essential info not ‘hidden’


Must aid signposting, otherwise it’s just garnish.

  • Test 1: can the icon stand alone, without a label?
  • Test 2: is there a clearer alternative?

Online Requests


No-one likes filling in forms, so keep them short.

  • Minimal fields. Multi-page if required
  • Informative notifications
  • Security and capture

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