About Ambrose Designs

Formed by myself, Richard Ambrose, in 2010 to deliver ‘crystal clear websites that work’.

Clarity remains the motivating principle and a core value of the business.

That’s clarity from how a website looks and is used all the way through to explaining how things will be done to clients in a clear, practical way.

First principle of IT professionals: only geek out with fellow geeks!

The Podcast

In Conversation with John Whycer

Lean and Agile

Studio 2From its garden studio in North London, Ambrose Designs has deliberately remained small, bringing in trusted specialists as and when required.

Long-standing associates are on hand to provide specialist solutions such as email assistance, design for print (brochure design etc), Photoshop expertise, copy writing and exhibition stand design.

My Background

I began my design career as a junior artworker in a West End graphics studio, for high profile clients, including two ex-Beatles *.

Attention to detail was paramount and instilled in me. After completing a product and graphic design degree, I later returned to education to complete a course in website programming. That same eye for detail discipline comes in handy, when looking out for that missing semi-colon in computer code, that can stop a website displaying correctly.

However, as well as myself, I still ask clients to proof-read website copy. We can all go ‘word blind’!

* I happen to be a life-long Beatle fan and answer Beatle related questions online in my spare time. One article got 300,000+ views. No idea why!

Listen to the full interview on 'The Standing Out Podcast'

The Podcast in Snippets

For the constantly distracted era.

Typical Ambrose Designs clients

Ambrose Designs’ clients tend to be service providers, where showcasing up to date content is important from boutique hotels, clubs, garden designers to estate agents.

Clients wanting to add fresh content regularly themselves

  • a bespoke, clutter-free bespoke dashboard will be built
  • allows clients to add fresh content themselves, which is automatically formatted so it presents professionally every time

Clients needing new content once or twice per year

  • Clients just email words and images across. Ambrose Designs is on-hand to create this for you and publish it following your approval.

Clients with regular events to add

  • A bank of images can be created with a purpose built events interface.
  • Alternatively, this can be created regularly by Ambrose Designs. the choice is yours.

Automating content updates from other sources

  • e.g. for estate agents: Automatic import and export of property listing information to and from your property portal.

Key Skills

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Website development: WordPress, CSS code: CSS, HTML, PHP, Frameworks: Avada, Divi, Elementor etc, Website Speed Optimisation.
  • Website design: degree level qualified with good knowledge of type, design composition and colour theory, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Design for print: logos and business cards. I work with associates to deliver larger scale design for print projects.
  • Usability: UX, UI principles and ongoing secondary research

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