14 Tips on Working from Home

I love working from home

working from home laptop-on-bedSet your own working hours. The commute is stress-free.
However, there are ground rules I keep having to remind myself about:

  1. Keep you Work and Living Areas Apart
    A separate room or area where you are in ‘work mode’, nowhere near a TV or kitchen. It should be quiet for making phone calls. This may be the bedroom. If you are in a relationship, your other half will help you resist doing those all-nighters…
  2. Establish Working Hours
    When are your best working times? Mornings, afternoons or evenings. Set a minimum of two 4 hour slots when you work best and stick to it.
  3. Dress for Work
    Just because you can work in your underwear… don’t! Shower, get dressed, have breakfast then start work. It will help you focus.
  4. Close the Door
    It won’t keep everyone out, but it lets family know that you are working.
  5. De-clutter
    Keep your mind clear with a clear workspace. Maintain a zero-tolerance policy on this.
  6. Track your Day
    When you start and stop a task note the time down. This helps show you how productive you’ve really been.
  7. The Power Hour
    Spend the first hour on Strategic Thinking. What can you change to make the business what you want it to be ?
  8. Prioritise Your Tasks
    Compile a task list of the day’s achievable goals. Prioritise in order of: important & urgent, important & non-urgent then urgent & non-important and finally non-urgent & non-important.
  9. Reduce Time on ‘Non-Fee Generating’ Tasks
    Checking email, updating knowledge via social media, tidying up your work space or computer files are important, but do them quickly and move onto tasks that get you closer to raising an invoice.
  10. Email less. Phone more
    It’s far quicker to exchange ideas, schedule meetings and build relationships over the phone. Make a point of meeting people too. It will help you become human again.
  11. Schedule when you look at Email
    We can all be contacted instantly 24/7, if we choose to. Stay in control. Respond to out-of-hours emails by scheduling them to be sent 9am the next working day(ask me how). Check and respond to messages 3 times per day:
      i. at the start of the day
     ii. after lunch
    iii. at the end of the day

  12. Give yourself a Break
    Re-energize. Take regular breaks and ‘switching off’ from incoming messages. Reuters enforce this strictly with their employees so no excuses! Unless you work for the emergency services, nothing is that urgent. Leave the work area.
  13. Get some Fresh Air
    It’s too easy to become unaware of weather when you work from home. Just half an hour walk per day will help clear your head.
  14. You’re Not a Component in your Business’s Machine
    Retain interests and contact with friends & family.
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