Twitter Ye Not ?

Mention Twitter to my brother.

hate-twitter-281x300Then stand back a few paces as he launches into a tirade.

With his blood pressure rising he will talk about how it encourages banal, self-obsessed broadcasts of the minutiae of people’s lives.

He’s got a point. Or has he…

It’s not Designed for That!

Consider the material Teflon. Needing something capable of tolerating high levels of heat on the outside of rockets, it was applied to frying pans to make them ‘non-stick’. When Twitter first launched, it was so revolutionary, not everyone could see it’s commercial appeal.

In 2010, people began changing how they used Twitter. Sure, the self-obsessed and the inept sales people kept saying ‘Buy my stuff’ were still there. However, alongside these, driving traffic to websites were the new (self proclaimed) Social Media Experts.

Driving Sales with Social Media

To harness this powerful tool for your business, first you need to recognize there are two types of social media:

  1. Makes your friends
  2. Generates business

Secondly, you won’t make any sales directly through Twitter. What you will do is build web presence and credibility. This builds trust and with trust, potential sales.

Making Twitter Work for You

Rule 1: Spend Time Writing Your Twitter Profile

  • Its the first thing your audience will check
  • It should be a summary of what you write about

Rule 2: Lazer Focus on Your Audience

  • Write for your audience, not for yourself.
  • Mirror their attitude.

Rule 3: It’s about Content, not Conversations

  • Build credibility, not relationships.
  • Become known as an expert within your industry.
  • Link to useful industry information.

Rule 4: Create Killer Content

  • Being a good curator is more important than being a good author. 90% of content can be others.
  • Tweet to demonstrate expertise and knowledge.
  • Link to yours and other blogs such as case studies, events, trends/predictions, answers to FAQs.

Rule 5: Only Post Quality Tweets

  • Only Tweet what you expect to be Retweeted.
  • If the last 3 tweets are not quality, delete them.

Rule 6: Engage

  • Retweet mentions and respond

Rule 7: Be Everywhere, If You Can

  • Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, Facebook

Rule 8: Integrate, Don’t Duplicate Your Message

  • Place content on most relevant social media platform only, but add link to Twitter.

Rule 9: Post Consistently

  • Decide how often you can post and maintain this

Rule 10: Post at different times

  • Use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to control when you post your tweets

For a coaching session on how using Twitter can work specifically for your business, get in touch.

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