Sleep with Eye Pads not your iPad

Check Facebook before going to sleep?

eye covers to help sleepFor the ‘always-connected’ society, research has been done on the affect iPads have on sleep.

Recent neurologists research at Rensealler Polytechnic, New York confirmed an earlier theory. When viewing an iPad, the release of the brain chemical melatonin, is suppressed.

Melatonim helps us sleep and it’s the blue-ish light emitted from computer screens that hampers this.

It’s worse with iPads, as you hold the screen closer to your eyes. The sample study used just 13 volunteers, viewing iPads for 2 hours, which seems like an excessively long time.

No research was done on the non-glare Kindle. However, does this research ring true with you ?

Source: Based on an article in The Week, 22 Sep 2012. Article first appeared in the Daily Telegraph

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