Pride in Queen and Country

What’s all the fuss about !

Unionflag-buntingOn this Diamond Jubilee weekend, Britain should be proud of the splendid job the Queen has done. But what has she actually done?
Let’s not worry about the Royal family not being British. Being of German descent, she is as ‘British’ as the English or the Danes. Britons were driven out of England centuries ago.

‘They made you a moron’

Johnny Lydon points this out in the Sex Pistols touching tribute, God Save the Queen. I have to agree. There is a big difference between being ‘made’ a moron and calling someone a moron. He was referring to the system, not the individual.
Despite extensive archives, the grovelling media correspondents back up Johnny’s assertion. They failed to point out any special talents or noteworthy achievements, beyond longevity.
Her only qualities (which, granted, are rare for a Royal) appear to be that she is loyal to her partner and inoffensive.
If the Queen occupied any position in life other than hereditary monarch, she’d probably pass through this world unobserved by anyone but close family and friends.

Everyone loves a moron

Contrast this with Royal family members who don’t have to be monarch. The Queen’s less popular children.
Son Charles set up the Prince’s Trust, which does remarkable work every day. Then there’s Anne, who has achieved international success in equestrian events as well as being President of Save the Children since 1970. It seems the British prefer our Royals to not only be seen and not heard, but not do!

Don’t get me wrong. I am all in favour of local, Regional and National pride and I am happy to celebrate UK living legends, whose ideas, talents and efforts have enhanced my life.
Here’s a few :

  • Johnny Ive – The design talent behind Apple
  • Stephen Fry – for dumbing-up Britain
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan – most talented snooker player ever ?
  • Johnny Lydon – for telling it like it is

and there must 100’s more… On and I don’t want any of them knighted or given a state funeral.

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