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My clients need a robust system to store and update website content. When Ambrose Designs started, the leading systems were appraised including Joomla and Drupal. The one that seemed most suitable was the one used by the likes of CNN, Vogue, LinkedIn and UPS: WordPress.

Every Ambrose Designs site is built on WordPress.

So, is WordPress any good?
At it’s most raw state, the power, flexibility, scalability and continuous improvement of WordPress means it is estimated that 30% of all websites are built on WordPress.

But is it secure?
WordPress does not come with built in security. With so many enthusiastic hobbyist using WordPress to publish on the web, hackers mostly take a scatter gun approach to websites. So, even the lowest profile site will have several attempted hacks per week.

For a business website, you need additional security*. Every site has:

hosting on a server exclusive to Ambrose Designs
site backed up daily on an external server (last 30 days)
additional site level security & monitoring
same day software updates
only minimal, high-level “plugins” used
What are ‘Plugins?’

Plugins are a suite of programs, written by a 3rd party, that perform a specific task. The best:

perform extremely complex functions, beyond the capability of most developers.
add functionality, beyond the budget of most clients.
The worst perform simple tasks:

for those who can’t build or try to cut corners
with limited customization so become clichéd
that fail, or stop other plugins working later, due to lack of regular testing and bug fixes
that pose major security risks, ‘opening the back-door’ to hackers to distribute viruses or wreck your website.
For more awareness, read my 6 website security tips >

* Under the Data Protection Act, Ambrose Designs is registered with the ICO (Reg. No.: ZA151071). If you hold sensitive data, you may need to also.