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How Much?

Your Dilemma: You need to stick to a budget.

Designer’s Dilemma:
Excessive changes and additional elements, means excessive rebuilds. This can double or even treble development costs.


The Solution

So, can I get a fixed price?
Just tell me what it will cost!

In our first meeting, we scope out the number of page templates required and features you want.

Yes! Here’s how it works

1. Agree a full scope
To calculate a fixed price, it’s necessary to scope out a full list of features. Later suggestions, beyond the original scope, will be priced separately.

2. Fixed price confirmed in writing
You will receive a fixed price and full scope of works for the entire project. Work will not begin, until this has been approved.

3. Client pays stage by stage
Only when a stage is signed off, is payment for the next stage due. This keeps you in control. The annual hosting fee is not due, until the site goes live.

Just give me a ballpark figure!