Reduce window = new layout

I love the added functionaility of HTML5/ CSS3

It’s currently only available on Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.
It reduces the need for graphic files for rounded corners, drop shadows and setting transparency which has got to reduce time and file size.
The major addition is media queries. They can transform web pages when the browser window changes size. When I first heard of ‘Responsive Design’ I thought it was just a rebranding of liquid and elastic layouts. It isn’t.
Thanks to Ethan Marcotte for trailblazing this.
I was up last night working this out. If you are viewing this on a desktop/ netbook: go to my home page then reduce the window size of the browser, you’ll see what I mean.
The potential is massive. It means you can design not just one layout, but different layouts for every size screen. Brilliant !

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