Call Yourself a Designer

Occasionally someone will tweet me questioning my right to call myself a designer.

It’s usually a developer, rather than a designer. So I dismiss this destructive ‘feedback’.
However, today it got me thinking… If you are a waiter, whether it’s your first day in a pizza chain or you are the head waiter at a Michelin star restaurant, no-one questions your job title.
Well, I am a designer. I earn money, making a series of graphical decisions, that results in stuff being designed for others. So does this mean anyone who designs something for a living can call themselves a designer..?!!
Just like those lazy journalists who, faced with a piece of art installation, rather than risk expressing an opinion, will spew out the tired old cliche “But is it Art?”. Again. Simple answer: Yes. The materials were selected and presented in a specific manner to be viewed as a visual idea. Move on.
From being a designer to a ‘good’ or ‘great’ designer is a life-long process requiring commitment and hard work. How good you get to be comes down to: technical ability (including your graphical library of ideas), communication skills (your ability to fulfil the brief) and how popular your personal taste is with others.
What’s more, the first two can be learnt. You may notice I don’t include ‘talent’ or ‘creativity’. That’s because I don’t believe it exists, but that’s a topic for another post!
So if you are just starting out, give yourself a break and a pat on the back. You’re a designer and don’t let anyone tell you otherwize.

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