Make Your Site Crystal Clear

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“The website just… works”

Clarity is achieved when a site becomes intuitive. Even the most minor obstacle will stop a visitor getting in touch. Number of ‘hits’ to your site is irrelevant, if they leave straight away.

Clearing the Path to Action

Brand Identity

Visitors use branding to check they’re in the right place.

  • Logo: simple so as clear on a banner as a phone
  • Typeface & colours: current, appropriate
  • Brand consistency

Content Hierarchy

Menu items order by priority, to lengthen user journeys.

  • Links to child pages to encourage ‘deep’ reading
  • Clear calls to action
  • Lead content in prime position on each page

Content Signposting

Make menus clear & relevant.

  • Always visible: static sub-menus(no drop-downs)
  • Click-bait excerpts to increase page flow
  • Ensure find content fast on return journeys


Ensure well-crafted content is easy to read.

  • Font sizes & line heights
  • Words per line
  • Paragraph lengths
  • Text justification use
  • Visuals to text ratio

Digital Affordance


Clarity on what visitors can do

  • Consistent colours for text links
  • Visually clear buttons & calls to action
  • Essential info not ‘hidden’

Online Forms


No-one likes filling in forms, so keep them short.

  • Essential fields only
  • Notifications, security & capture
  • Modals and mobiles

Colour Contrast

Ensure text & background has sufficient colour contrast.

  • Black on white: use dark grey due to screen glare
  • Short copy for light text
  • Text shadow over images


Icons, signposting content, saves label reading. Ensure visitors know what they mean, otherwise it’s just garnish.

  • Test: can the icon stand alone, without a label?

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