3 New WordPress features

Named ‘Smith’ after jazz musician Jimmy Smith

wordpress-3-9-smith-752x294Version 3.9 of WordPress was released a week ago. Highlights include:

1. No more double spacing with cut and paste
Yes. It’s taken this long. Previously, if you started writing your content in MS Word and then cut and pasted it into the WordPress editor, there was another step.

Just before you published it, you needed to remove all the double line paragraph spacing! No more. This has now been fixed.

2. Images Resizing
When editing, you can now drag and drop an image straight in.

It then automatically stores it in the media library. However, resizing your image previously meant opening an edit window and reducing the image by 10% increments, until you are happy with it. Now you can grab the corner and rescale to the desired size in the visual editor.

Personally, I think this is bad practice anyway. If you set image width in CSS, for specific page templates, each image will be rendered at a specific size. To speed up page loads it would be better to reduce image size to actual size in an image manipulation package like Photoshop or Gimp.

3.Audio Video Listing
Create Audio Playlist functions allows you to create a playlist of songs, thus minimising plugins further.
Playlists are now available with a new shortcode in WordPress 3.9. Simply add your audio or video through the “Add Media” modal, and a playlist option will show up for you.

Through this modal, you can manage and edit audio and video playlists through screens similar to the image management and editing screens. The options are truly extensive, including poster image options per item, fallback media types for video, and much more.

wp39-playlist-frontUsers can also use the playlist shortcode directly in the editor, even to external sources for the URLs. And with the type parameter, can specify a playlist to be for video.

On the front-end, most themes should support these new media playlists without any changes needed. Here’s a screenshot of mine, working perfectly with a two year old theme.

For further reading on what you can do, go to Scott Taylor’s article.

Yesterday, Mari Kane of business2community.com helped highlight what’s special. Here is the original article .

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