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“The emphasis was on usability for our e-learning modules. Richard came up with some great ideas fulfilling the brief perfectly.”

“The website is easy to navigate, great looking and performs how we need. We’re delighted to continue working with him.”

“Richard’s done a first class job for us, on time. As we required, the site is easy to navigate and amend.”

Design Tips

Define: Dark Patterns. The UX equivalent of 'Black Hat' SEO.   Visitors are manipulated into doing things, they didn't intend to through UX 'slight...

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How important is it?

A business with a contemporary website, suggests the business is moving forward. The opposite is equally true.

Blind Faith Costs Sales

Don't blindly copy fads and trends. They can reduce your enquiries. Spot the innovations that increase enquiries. That's the usability advancements that improve engagement.

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